How to talk to your cat and dog

dogThis past week, Grade 1 and 2 library classes have looked at two fascinating non-fiction books by Jean Craighead George. How to talk to your cat and How to talk to your dog explain a lot about animal communication, particularly body language.

catWe talked about non-fiction and where to find it in our elementary library.

We also had fun watching a video of two cats “talking”:

and the very funny “translation” here:


Brave Harriet

brave harrietThis past week most grade 3-5 library classes read the amazing true story of Harriet Quimby, Brave Harriet, written by Marissa Moss. Harriet Quimby was the first woman to get a pilot’s license and she should have been very famous for being the first woman to fly solo across the English Channel, but the news of the sinking of the Titanic at the same time meant that her feat went unnoticed in the media at the time.

We also watched this short video about her flight:

You are a lion!

you are a lionThis past week most ELC classes have read (and exercised to) the fun book You are a lion! by Korean illustrator Taeeun Yoo. While we read this online book on the interactive whiteboard we did all the yoga poses and had a lot of fun being a lion, a cat, dog and several other animals.

You can read it online at

Username: bifslibrary password: read.

Thanks to the people at WeGiveBooks for providing free online books – we love them!

Flight: the journey of Charles Lindbergh

flightBeginning on Wednesday this week, all grade 3-5 classes have read Flight: the journey of Charles Lindbergh by Robert Burleigh. Classes on Monday and Tuesday next week will also share this amazing biography of courage and determination.

It was good to learn about what made Charles Lindbergh so famous, but also to imagine how difficult it was for him to achieve his dream of being the first to fly solo, non-stop across the Atlantic. We imagined what it was like to try to stay awake for that long, and to not even be able to stand up, or go to the bathroom! Some classes also researched what happened to Charles Lindbergh after his flight across the Atlantic.

A dark, dark tale

dark dark taleThis week, ELC library classes have read Ruth Brown’s suspenseful book, A Dark Dark Tale. We learned some new words, like tale and moor and followed the cat to discover the surprise at the end of the book.

This book seemed like it was going to be scary, but in the end we (some of us) were glad it wasn’t!

Clancy the courageous cow

Starting on Wednesday this week, all grade 1 and 2 classes have read Clancy the courageous cow by Lachie Hume. Classes on Monday and Tuesday next week will also share this very meaningful book about cooperation with everyone, including those who look different from us! We also talked about how we can’t help what we look like, but it depends on what features we inherit from our parents.

To understand what is a belted galloway (also called the “Oreo” cow!) we watched:

We then wanted to know what herefords looked like, so some classes watched this video too:

Salt in his shoes – a story about Michael Jordan

saltStarting on Wednesday this week, all grade 1-5 classes have read a biography of Michael Jordan’s early life, written by his mother and sister. Classes on Monday and Tuesday next week will also share this interesting book that shows how Michael Jordan’s determination to overcome all obstacles started when he was very young.

We watched a short video clip showing Michael Jordan’s top 10 slam dunks and understand better now why he is considered one of the top basketball players ever:

We were also very interested in Michael Jordan’s famous Nike commercial where he explains how many times he has failed, but in the end he has succeeded because he has learned from his mistakes. You can watch it here: