Academic Honesty

This week we’ve had some really good discussions in grade 5 library classes about academic honesty, copyright and citation. There was much discussion about the use of other people’s images, music, video as well as text and ideas, especially regarding research for the final exhibition.

We decided that the most important thing is for us to come up with original ideas and work, not only to show our teachers that we understand what we have researched, but to motivate us to create something better than what others have done.

We watched the excellent “credit is due” song again, and you can watch it here:

and also learned a lot from youtube copyright school:

We’ll talk more after the break about citation using MLA format with


Grandfather Tang’s Story

gtsThis week grade 1-5 classes have read the unassuming book Grandfather Tang’s Story written by Ann Tompert and illustrated by Robert Andrew Parker. This tale told in tangrams is a compelling read and made more interesting by inspiring us to make our own tangrams using origami paper. We followed this video to learn how to make them:

Quiet! There’s a canary in the library

quietThese past few weeks ELC library classes have looked at the Corduroy books written by Don Freeman. This week we’re looking at another Don Freeman book, Quiet! There’s a Canary in the Library. As always, books written by Don Freeman have given us plenty of new vocabulary and made us laugh. We also needed to know what a canary looks and sounds like, so we watched this video:

The origami master

the origami masterThis week Gr 1-5 students have read the very meaningful tale of The origami master by Nathaniel Lachenmeyer and illustrated by Aki Sogabe. There are many lessons to learn from this clever story, but it also inspired us to try our origami. Several of our students are extremely talented at origami, but, for the rest of us, at least we all now know how to make an origami duck, thanks to this video:


A pocket for Corduroy

pocket for corduroyWe are just loving these Corduroy stories in ELC! This week we are reading another delightful story from Don Freeman,  A pocket for Corduroy. These books always give us plenty of new vocabulary to learn, such as laundromat, escalator and elevator. We also learned quite a bit about doing laundry! Maybe we’ll be asking to help at home?

The Two Bobbies

two bobbiesThis week Grade 1-5 classes are reading the amazing true story of the friendship of a dog and cat in The Two Bobbies by Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery and illustrated by Jean Cassels. This story of survival of two friends in Hurricane Katrina makes us think about the effect natural disasters have on animals.

To understand the power of a hurricane, we watched this footage from two storm chasers: