Books for the holidays

holiday dramaThis week ELC library classes read another Anna Dewdney book, Llama Llama Holiday Drama, and we talked about authors, illustrators and rhyming words. This book reminded us that with the busy lead-up to the holidays it is important to take time to value those who are dear to us.

Although we don’t have this book in the library yet, we can read it online thanks to the generous people at and you can use this site to read books during the holidays. You can sign up with your own free username, or use ours, username: bifslibrary and password: read

Enjoy your holidays!


Brilliant pop-up books

one red dotThis week’s grade 1-5 library classes looked at the amazing art of paper engineering. We looked at David A. Carter’s series of colour themed pop-up books, One Red Dot, Blue 2, 600 Black Spots, Yellow Square and White Noise. These fascinating books are not for borrowing as they are so fragile, but students are welcome to enjoy them in the library.

We also made some simple pop-ups of our own, to be used as Christmas gifts or cards, and talked about how paper crafts are a great idea for filling an idle moment during the holidays.

See you all again in three weeks!

The boy who dreamed of cars

hondaThis week, 4th and 5th grade classes are reading the biography of Soichiro Honda, who started the Honda Motor Company. Honda: the boy who dreamed of cars by Mark Weston is an inspiring story that fits in well with Grade 4’s unit about technology and Grade 5’s current unit about energy.

When Soichiro was seven years old, he saw a car for the first time.  He determined then that he would learn how cars worked and would build them in the future.  His lifelong perseverance and commitment to making his dream come true is a great example for all of us.

BIFS library is not promoting the purchase of Honda products, but we were fascinated by this advertisement showing a Rube Goldberg machine using the parts of a Honda Accord:

We also watched this Honda advertisement about technology which shows the Honda robot ASIMO:

Mr Lea (Grade 4 teacher) also shared this amazing Rube Goldberg music video:

The cat who walked across France

catThis week Grade 1-3 have read the realistic fiction book The Cat Who Walked Across France by French author and illustrator, Kate Banks and Georg Hallensleben. This very descriptive book fit in well with the Grade 2 unit about homes and the Grade 3 unit about exploration and journeys. However, it seemed so realistic that we began to feel that perhaps it might have been based on a true story!

We had fun learning some of the countries of Europe, including France, using this interactive map from Shepphard Software.

Another Anna Dewdney book!

llamaELC classes this week read another book by Anna Dewdney. Llama Llama Misses Mama is a delightful book about separation anxiety. We particularly liked the rhyming words. We do have a copy of this book in the library if you would like to borrow it, but we read this one online from (username: bifslibrary, password: read)

We also wanted to learn some more about llamas and we watched this video: