Ten little caterpillars

10This week ELC library classes read Ten Little Caterpillars by Bill Martin Jr. and illustrated by Lois Ehlert. We learned what a ‘bower’ is (and that it rhymes with ‘flower’), and were amazed at how many different types of caterpillars there are and how they change into different types of butterflies and moths.

We then watched this delightful video clip of a butterfly life cycle:

Making our own (some very long) paper-chain caterpillars using these ideas proved to be quite creative!


Beatrice’s Dream

beatriceThis week the book Grades 1-5 read was set in Kenya. Beatrice’s Dream: A story of Kibera slum by Karen Lynn Williams is a powerful reminder of how privileged we are. We learned a little bit about life in a slum and how difficult it is for children who live there.

We were also really impressed with the work of Kennedy Odede & Jessica Posner who set up a school for girls in Kibera. We are inspired by their work and the enthusiasm that the girls show when singing this song is contagious!

We talked about the difficulties faced by people living in poverty and how some have come up with creative solutions to improve their quality of life. A Liter of Light project is a perfect example:


chopsticksWe read another clever book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal this week in ELC library classes. She wrote Duck! Rabbit! and many other books we have in the ELC library. Chopsticks tells of two close friends who found that sometimes being apart made each of them stronger. This book illustrates the PYP attitudes of independence and confidence very well. We also learned a little about word play from this witty book.

We then had fun making puppets using wooden chopsticks using our own pictures and some Mr Men pictures from here.


biblioburroDue to popular demand, we read another biography this week! Many of our students love true stories about remarkable people and this short week many of our classes read Biblioburro by Jeanette Winter. This inspiring true story from Colombia shows how each of us can make a difference in our part of the world.

We really enjoy the simplicity of Jeanette Winter’s stories and how they encourage us to find out more about the topic. To learn more about Luis Soriano’s work, we watched this video:

Dear Zoo

dear zooDuring this short week ELC library classes read another zoo classic, Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. So many of our students know this book, that, with a little help, they could read it to me!

Following on from the animal activities from last week with Good Night Gorilla, this week we made our own pop-up post card using the template from this site.

Aesop and Michael Morpurgo

aesop mmThis week Grade 1-5 classes read some more Aesop’s fables but this time retold by Michael Morpurgo! Many of our students love stories written by Michael Morpurgo and we have a great selection of his books in our library.

Michael Morpurgo would like all children to get into writing and he gives a very inspiring talk to young people here:

Some classes then listened to him read the first part of The Butterfly Lion and now we all want to read it! Thank you Michael Morpurgo for inspiring us to read your books and write our own.